Acton School of Ballet

Dress Code

dress code

We partner with Dance This Way in West Concord, MA for all of our dress code needs.

ballet shoes

Students in the Lower School wear full sole leather ballet slippers. Students in the Upper School transition into split sole canvas shoes, which helps them to better articulate through their feet and prepare for pointe work. Please select from the following options.

Lower School Options (Fairy Tale Dance through Level 2)
So Danca SD #69S in "Pink"

Upper School Options (Level 3 and up)
Grishko Stretch Tek 41C Model 11 in “Ballet Pink”
Capezio Hanami #2037 in “Light Pink”
So Danca SD #120 in “Light Pink”


Euroskin tights in "Theatrical Pink"
#210c or 215c Children’s (Fairy Tale Dance through Level 2)
#219 Women’s (All students in Level 3 and up must have mesh tights with back seams)

boy's attire

Black tights or leggings, dance belt, a white close-fitting T-shirt or leotard, white socks and black ballet shoes.

girl's attire

In all classes girls are expected to wear their hair up in a bun or other fashion that is neat and away from their face. In Level 3 and up buns are required. Students should bring a bag containing a comb or brush, hair elastics, hair nets, and hair pins or bobby pins in their dance bags.

Fairy Tale Dance

Leotard: Leotard of Any Choice
Skirt: Optional

First Steps

Leotard: Ultraviolet MW #2102
Skirt: No Skirt


Leotard: Violette MW #2102
Skirt: No Skirt

Level 1

Leotard: Pink MW #2102
Skirt: No Skirt

Level 2

Leotard: Butter MW #2102
Skirt: No Skirt

Level 3

Leotard: Maroon MW #2200
Skirt: No Skirt

Level 4

Leotard: Navy MW #2200
Skirt: No Skirt

Level 5

Leotard: Iris MW #2518
Skirt: Iris MW #1236

Level 6

Leotard: Raspberry MW #2518
Skirt: Raspberry MW #1236

Level 7

Leotard: Perfect Plum MW #2518
Skirt: Perfect Plum MW #1236

Level 8

Leotard: Hunter MW #2518
Skirt: Hunter MW #1236

Level 9

Leotard: Shadow Gray MW #2518
Skirt: Black Skirt of any choice

Level 10

Leotard: Black Leotard of Any Choice
Skirt: Black Skirt of Any Choice 

Advanced Ballet

Leotard: Turquoise MW #2518
Skirt: Black MW #1236

Contemporary Ballet

Leotard: Leotard of Any Choice
Skirt: Optional

Modern, Floor Barre, Ballet Conditioning

Leotard: Leotard of Any Choice
Other: Tights, leggings or shorts 

Additional Suggested Retailers

Dance This Way | West Concord, MA
Damien’s Dancewear | Chelmsford, MA
Dancer’s Warehouse | Burlington, MA; Milford, MA; Wellesley, MA